Today, Oath sad, I'm a bit sad for a man who never made me cry too. I knew I was wrong with him. I ask because scandle broke up with him. Huhh, okay! it is an old story. Posted dusty okay? check out? dah dah, I do not want a story about "HIM" again.

Hey Dude, You're in love with a woman is no such will. Why when I'm in love with him, you will want to find articles? F**K! I am impatient with you. but, I love you. I'm lazy story article you want is bad, I do not have is the worst of it. huh, I love you already said. But, if you love me, you do not do me like this you know? Every day that I will not want to waste my tears to you? Do not play with madness lah weh. I'm patient, but, are you? kind of pork do you know? Heshhh, Patience chronic phase I with you.
Arghhh! I'm lazy story article you. create headaches!

Mhhhm, near the class I had to understand what the teachers teach, I'm good right? Haha, because this just want to close my exams well. haha! :D

Yes! powder was later to play tomorrow. Whaaa, it is not wait buddy! Ngee. >< Although I was sad, I have friends who always make me happy always :)
Thank You Guys. i love you so much more of everything :D
Okay. stop here. Byebye. Takecare!

* Sorry if I have a bad essay. heee :D
Just, approve it. Full stop. ^^"

Nanie Zakaria :)